Turning 30 is often looked as a turning point in one’s life, but reaching this milestone today is full of economic and social challenges… How are artists affected by this growing instability, and is there such a cornerstone in their artistic lives? How are lives changing events commonly experienced in this decade reflected in their work: having children, getting married, leaving academia, and immigrating…
‘DREIZIG Festival’ stems out from these questions. For one night only, 15 artists of different origins, disciplines and backgrounds, but from the same ‘generation’, converse through their work on art and life.

The evening will kick off with the groovy Colombian sounds of singer Melissa Loov, and will be followed by art performances of dancers Louis DeVaughn Nelson, aka DeVo (US) and Michael Shapira (Israël), Rosella Canciello (Italy), a monologue by Jeiny Cortés (Colombia) and a short happening by Camila Rhodi (Brazil). Images by photographers Fernando Derks Bustamante (Peru), Victor GM (Spain) and Valerie Schmidt (Germany), colourful abstract painting of Maria Luisa Herrera (Costa Rica), recycled art-design pieces of Pablo Ocqueteau (Chile). Influenced by Lars Von Trier, performance artist René Alejandro Huari Mateus (Colombia) explores the idea of boredom, a dark and grim short-film, accompanied by dancesr and choreographers Veronica Santiago Moniello (Venezuela) and Carolina Rodriguez (Colombia). German sound artists Florian Mattil / Tim Kienecker, Swedish controversial artist Makode Linde, who works raising issues on racism, will finish the evening with a DJ set.


Mittelweg 50
12053 Berlin

Saturday 24th November 2012: 6 p.m. – 12 a.m.
€8 (€6 concessions)

Organised by
Alexander Carrillo and Jessica Bush

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