Celebrating 30 Years … An evening of art, performances and life.
The festival was created by Colombian-born and Berlin-based artist, Fredy Alexander Carrillo, who has been investigating ‘The Role of the Audience in Performing Arts’, through the creation of ‘games’ that disrupt the spectators’ physical, emotional states, and critical perspectives.

Turning 30 is often looked as a turning point in one’s life, but reaching this milestone today is full of challenges: rising unemployment, housing shortage
How are artists affected by this growing instability, and is there such a cornerstone in their artistic lives? ‘DREIZIG Festival’ stems out from these questions and wishes to invite 30 different pieces or 30 artists of different disciplines and backgrounds, but from the same ‘generation’ to converse through their work on art and life.

Following the idea of the ‘game’, “DREIZIG Festival” was born out of the motivation and reflexion on the meaning of celebration, and was developed from the desire of celebrating Carrillo’s 30th birthday with an artistic twist, not as a private event but as an intellectual and cultural reflexion with creative peers. 
DREIZIG Festival aims to celebrate the work of artists in their 30s – a category of artists that is often misrepresented although very interesting. These artists, commonly no longer students, have most often already began their career and established years of experience, whilst facing – like their peers – the challenges of life today: economic crisis, unemployment, having to immigrate… How does maturing as an artist today differs from other generations? How does facing these economic or social difficulties affect their work? How do life changing event are reflected in their work: having children, getting married, leaving academia, immigrating… 
 DREIZIG Festival hopes to reflect on these questions, whilst as a new platform, it aims to help participants promote their work, network with fellow creatives from different disciplines, and collectively, celebrate 30 years of art and life. 


The festival has been conceived as a long running annual event, and for its first edition, the festival will take place in Berlin, using the city’s creative and youthful state of mind. “DREIZIG Festival 2012.

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